Ortis Intuitive Robotic Manufacture™ (IRM) platform represents a quantum leap forward for the O&P industry.

With a simple interface and a small footprint you can increase the speed and quality of your orthotic and prosthetic production. Ortis™ can quickly and easily carve any 3D shape to your specifications out of polyurethane, plaster, resin, plastic, foam, wood, medium-density fiberboard, or virtually any other solid material you may want to use.

Ortis™ IRM™ utilizes 7-axis versatility providing the ability to produce larger single pieces than any other system. If you need a standing, tall adult KAFO in one piece, no problem; just give Ortis™ a plan and 20 minutes.

Ortis™ can do more than build orthesis and prosthetics; it can build your business. Previously unimaginable efficiency, flexibility, capacity, safety, speed, and profitability are now at your finger tips.

“This investment in technology has helped us tremendously. Our costs of production went down and instead of making one brace every few hours, we now make five.”

Vincent Benenati, CEO of East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetics.