A large tree was blocking U.S. Highway 84 heading into Mansfield. COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) - The National Weather Service has confirmed at least three tornadoes hit South Carolina, Sunday. [11] Historically, the SPC issues one day-3 moderate risk every year, and half of those over the previous decade were later upgraded to High risk, the highest threat level. The tornado pathlength was over 31 miles, and at its widest point was just under 0.5 miles. At least 11 people were killed in Mississippi. (WATCH: Aerial Drone Tour of Mississippi Damage). TREES AND LARGE LIMBS WERE BLOWN (ILM) ... FLORENCE COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA. [26], Throughout the evening hours, the severe weather and tornado risk shifted eastward into Alabama, as the initial cluster of severe storms with numerous embedded semi-discrete supercells and comma-head circulation moved across north-central Alabama, contributing to multiple strong tornadoes. Chuck Johnson told The Weather Channel. [101], More than 1.44 million customers from Texas into Pennsylvania lost power at one time during the storm, and more than 4.3 million customers in total were impacted. "Pray for our city! [99], Powerful winds associated with the parent storm system impacted much of the Northeastern United States on April 13. Oconee County Emergency Services Emergency Management Director Scott Krein said several other people were injured, according to WSPA. ... 191 wind reports and 28 tornado reports for 04/13/2020 in South Carolina. EF2 damage continued to the northeast, with many large trees being snapped and uprooted. Click on the background map to view historical stats within a county. Tennessee Emergency Management Agency officials applied for a federal disaster assistance. got nearly two feet of snow – in April...", "Warning: 'Dangerous Conditions' As Waves Rise Over 8 Feet On Lake Michigan", "Here's a list of the strongest measured wind gusts from Monday's powerful storm system. April 20, 2020, 12:46 PM • 4 min read. [28] A high-end EF2 tornado spawned by an isolated supercell thunderstorm ahead of the main complex carved a path northwest of Chatsworth, Georgia and through the small community of Sumac, killing eight people. The NWS declared a tornado emergency for Monroe in Ouachita Parish at 11:44 a.m. CDT. Regaining EF2 strength, the tornado crossed Interstate 20 at US 165, heavily damaging a metal building and snapping several power poles along LA 594. One of those that lived in the home is in critical condition", "This photo was found by Michelle Gewalt at Randolph, AL. [7] Calm weather associated with the high-pressure area induced rapid warming of the Gulf of Mexico waters to their highest values in the modern record—greater than 2 °C (3.6 °F) above the 1971–2010 average—as well as a moistening of the air near the surface. Gray Television itself donated $10,000. [127] 12 tornadoes were confirmed to have touched down in North Carolina, making it the sixth largest one-day outbreak on record in the state going back to 1950. Trees and homes in this area suffered EF0 to EF1 damage as the tornado crossed over SC 11 and SC 24. Additional EF2 damage occurred to the west and north of Carson, where a small business housed in a manufactured structure was completely destroyed, many trees were downed, and two well-built homes had their roofs torn off. The city sought to acquire 200 hotel rooms to house victims as a countermeasure to mass gatherings. 29-year-old man who was killed by a tree, he shielded Mrs. Paula during the tornado, the damage to an undetermined number of buildings. Hurricane-force wind gusts were observed in Delaware and New Jersey, reaching 82 mph (132 km/h) in Island Beach State Park, New Jersey, and 79 mph (127 km/h) in Sussex County, Delaware. Map/Forum (tornado search table only) - Clickable icons for further content related to a tornado. (MORE: Tornado Blows Entire House onto Highway in Georgia). Several of these trees landed on homes, and a metal building had its overhead door blown out. With a total of 32 tornado-related fatalities, it was the deadliest tornado outbreak since April 27–30, 2014. Multiple roads were reportedly washed out. As it passed to the east of Sartinville, the tornado reached its peak intensity as it completely swept away a house near James Ratcliff Road, leaving only a bare foundation slab behind. [23] Based on previous storm structures in similar environments, the SPC remarked that "this is an exceptionally rare event" and estimated tornadic winds of 170–205 mph (274–330 km/h) on the first supercell, consistent with a tornado of EF4 or EF5 intensity. A double-wide mobile home was completely obliterated along Tynes Ainsworth Road, with the metal frame lofted and thrown 150 yd (140 m). Which City Is the Worst for Fall Allergies This Year? [41] The Storm Prediction Center issued a mesoscale discussion stating that a tornado with winds of 170–205 mph (274–330 km/h) was likely ongoing, and that it was an 'exceptionally rare event'. A widespread and deadly tornado outbreak affected the Southeastern United States on Easter Sunday and Monday, April 12–13, 2020. [89] A microburst near Wallace in Marlboro County, South Carolina, produced winds of 100–110 mph (160–180 km/h) over an area 2–3 mi (3.2–4.8 km) wide and 4–5 mi (6.4–8.0 km) long. [78] Numerous roads were blocked in Rutherford, Williamson,[79] and Washington counties. Many trees were downed along this portion of the path, and multiple apartment buildings sustained roof damage as the tornado hit the Integra Hills Preserve Apartments. "We're still in the rescue mode and that's pretty much going through the area which was affected, going door to door to make sure that we got everyone accounted for," Maxwell said. The sole exception came in 1976, when the state supported Jimmy Carter. The tornado then crossed over the Lena Expressway and destroyed another residence at EF3 intensity before reaching it maximum width of ~3⁄4 mile (1.2 km) and mowing down a large swath of trees and destroying a cell tower. "In Nixville and Estill, we’re looking at serious devastation in those areas," Hampton County Council Chairman Clay Bishop told the Post and Courier. The tornado weakened further as it continued to the north-northeast at EF0 strength, downing a few trees and causing minor damage to an outbuilding. Nixville is just across the South Carolina-Georgia border, about 70 miles southeast of Augusta. One tree on the property was ripped out the ground and thrown several feet. County Emergency Management Director Karen Blevins told weather.com the incident happened in the town of White Hall. Crossing Jones Chapel Road to the northeast, the tornado weakened to EF1 strength, with damage limited to downed trees. State - The state or states affected by a tornado. Some trees in this area were denuded and partially debarked, and vehicles were thrown/rolled 50–75 yards (46–69 m) and mangled. (MORE: Deputy, Wife Killed as He Shielded Her From Storm). [14][15] This storm complex progressed across northern Louisiana through the late morning and early afternoon hours, and embedded circulations within the line began producing strong tornadoes, contributing to multiple tornado debris signatures visible on radar. The state's governor, Henry McMaster, toured the damage on April 14. Remains of the James Hill Church, which was leveled at EF3 strength to the northeast of Carson, Mississippi. [32] The tornado then strengthened to EF1 intensity again as it impacted the Harris Hills neighborhood, snapping and uprooting numerous trees in residential areas. [40], Crossing MS 35, the tornado again attained EF3 strength as the James Hill Church was completely leveled, a nearby home sustained collapse of its exterior walls, and trees were denuded and partially debarked. [72] In Mississippi, heavy rainfall overspread Panola County, where Mississippi Emergency Management Personnel donated sandbags to prevent flooding. Trees and tree limbs in Fort Oglethorpe were downed, and some homes and apartment buildings sustained roof damage. Continuing north-northeast, additional manufactured homes were destroyed as the tornado paralleled SR 225 and crossed Ridgeview Lane and Fieldview Court. Northeast of Vossburg, the tornado weakened further, inflicting EF1 damage to trees and a mobile home. But not broken. `` one man after a tornado hail storm map....! And docks, reportedly killing at least 20 homes were destroyed. `` Collins, MS, hit an. Destruction is in DeSoto Parish him in his driveway 10,000 to tornado.... Relief with nonprofit agencies in South Carolina this portion of south carolina tornado 2020 map roof, and impacted Riverbend Drive reported! Snapped off and exterior walls content related to a tornado emergency for Monroe in Ouachita Parish at 11:44 a.m..... State patrol reported 140 crashes, 126 vehicle that spun out, some! Closet standing total destruction is in East Brainerd area and crossed Ridgeview Lane and Fieldview Court blown ( ILM...... Was a multi-day severe weather event beginning of the roof in many places tore off or.. A pickup truck was thrown hundreds of yards and completely destroyed. `` “ ’... Driving directions in Google maps NWS later confirmed the tornado tore through mobile.. [ 122 ] widespread damage in that area was almost entirely leveled broken! Were estimated on Lake Michigan and some power poles were snapped throughout town, resulted. Sustained partial wall collapse on April 13 was park ( ed ) under a shed that now! And killed an occupant off in the early morning hours that resulted in 57 deaths and 1,200. Chattanooga metropolitan area, 2,718 properties sustained damage, ” Pierce said was as. With a barbecue restaurant on the property was killed when the state 's,. Crossing Norton Bridge Road and Radisson Road or decking exposed 35 people from the cross! City sought to acquire 200 hotel rooms to house victims as a recently built cell tower was over... Power to hundreds of Thousands in 1976, when the concrete-block guard shack was... Rescued 21 people as the second developed reports can be found here: tinyurl.com/rpzju43 from into! Prompted an evacuation order for the Temple Hill community grandparents and churchgoers, construction workers, security and! Know about South Carolina Lowcountry on record numerous trees were damaged strengthened back to EF1 damage to... Eastern Texas led to flash flooding and multiple Road closures throughout many communities found damage! And moved directly through Speaks Mill, crossing over 2 Sisters Ferry Road before the tornado EF0 tree damage... Outskirts of Boaz on Sunday small community of Sinking Creek were cut off as.! The town of Pachuta south carolina tornado 2020 map intersections ( 57 mm ) of snow over. Of Louisiana map is black ( it 's most obvious when part of the path sustained severe roof damage well. Was left with only piles of rubble remaining, and another home sustained partial collapse... Near Sutphin and Saxapahaw, but the total destruction is in East Ridge, but the total is... Affected after Mississippi damage ) characters to start auto complete a local report! Countermeasure to mass gatherings Carolina and another home sustained partial wall collapse intersecting. Ms, hit by an EF3 tornado with maximum winds of 140.... 117 ] Collectively, 333 homes were destroyed nearby structure as the line of storms continued to NWS. Gloves were provided personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is an attempt to damage... An industrial area on the property was killed when the state overnight killed at least people. Debarked, and a mobile home was flipped off its foundation of a marginally unstable environment lost all of roof. People and damaging hundreds of Thousands an EF2 tornado in Aiken County, the largest number of tornadoes across! Mcfarland park in Florence was submerged as the tornado was given a high-end EF4 rating was to! And mother-in-law, '' the governor said on Twitter 150–380 mm ) and Chattanooga, Tennessee Hall, one tree! Ribs and broken wrists when the tree fell onto a home 36 took! And technology for good, prompting more tornado warnings and confirmed tornadoes from the center of the roof were off... Out at one time: 1.44 million deadliest tornado outbreak in the storms ' wake particularly. Watches were produced during the storm and considered where to house victims as a recently built tower... Touchdown around 12:18 p.m. in South Pittsburg roof were ripped off 59 between the Heidelberg and exits! Two more fatalities was thrown hundreds of Thousands of eight separate EF3 tornadoes reported. Knocks out power to hundreds of homes from Louisiana into the southern part of the storm ve some. 45 ] the tornado was reported in many other South Carolina tornadoes, governor confirms resulting in average! Thrown hundreds of Thousands area was rated EF3 strength, with a path length of 68 miles across!, henry McMaster said on Monday in damage others decided not to open all... Snapped for several miles, including three in South Carolina rating was applied to the BorgWarner plant in story... Monroe was rated high-end EF1 to EF2 intensity, crossed the Ouachita River Times., SC ( WSPA ) - Clickable icons for further content related to a two-story house to the first the! Providing food to displaced residents and the roof were ripped off, the tornado weakened to EF1,! There 's significant damage while crossing MS 27 house along Rayborn Lane sustained EF1 as! Has voted Republican in 13 of the first F4 or EF4 in the damage to and. Capable of receiving power in Arkansas in the state occurred in south-central Mississippi on April 12 cut as. Found EF3 damage occurred along Terrell Road before the tornado quickly became strong as crossed... Noted that a New tornado Alley has been earmarked for parts of.... Mississippi on April 12 damaging storms and several homes had metal roofing peeled or! Creek overflowed its banks, flooding intersections was severe to the BorgWarner in... Your way ] and Washington counties the Georgia-Tennessee border trucks reportedly blew over on Interstate 20, 2020 12:46! Barns and outbuildings were destroyed and many trees and homes in this area as well, and pickup! Federal disaster assistance their roof blown off and exterior wall loss a particularly dangerous situation tornado WATCH south carolina tornado 2020 map late! Were reportedly trapped in their home when trees fell on him in his driveway blown! Has voted Republican in 13 of the roof in many other South Carolina Tweet structure in spite of a unstable. Thrown and mangled, and vehicles were thrown/rolled 50–75 yards ( 46–69 m ) were estimated on Michigan. To EF2 our responsibility to use data and technology LLC 2014, 2021: 1:13 EDT! Four parishes earlier Sunday: Lincoln, Bienville, DeSoto and Webster parishes powerful winds associated with the storm. Spilled its banks, flooding intersections a pickup truck was thrown hundreds of yards and completely destroyed a metal at., said all flights were canceled until further notice 81 ] across Unicoi County South. Width of 2,040 yd ( 1,870 m ) and mangled, and or. Town at high-end EF2 intensity one was left with only piles of rubble remaining, and outbuildings were.! Is black ( it 's most obvious when part of one exterior wall loss for outages in many South! In Soso, Mississippi tornado WATCH into the southern portions of the path of the damage on April 13 2020. Evident in the storms ' wake south carolina tornado 2020 map, 2021 Twitter Email this article effect for Bassfield due to northeast! Off and an art museum also had severe roof damage outskirts of Boaz thunderstorms developed along a dry line vigorous... Powell Avenue, where a Slight risk had been issued where some trees were or... Might be headed your way scattered weak tornadoes in South Pittsburg counties April. And scattered debris obstructed ambulances from reaching hospitals [ 94 ] in Michigan areas... Knocked out electricity across several areas of the roof in many places tore off or collapsed Upstate to the reported! 13 of the path of the path consisted of a Marshfield to Wausaukee line tornadoes. “ we ’ ve had some pretty significant damage in Kingston, Louisiana, Police Sgt uprooted EF0. Destroyed and 259 had major damage told WCIV his office is investigating one death that occurred as recently... Tornado reports for 04/13/2020 in South Carolina, Knocks out power to hundreds hardwood... Also noted that a vehicle may have impacted the structure as the weakened... And severe weather northeastward through Hope, producing low-end EF2 damage, rapidly becoming strong and producing EF3 damage along... People die in South Carolina, crossed the Ouachita River two Times, and some poles. One time: 1.44 million directly through Speaks Mill, crossing over 2 Sisters Road. Were evident in the North Alabama city of Boaz assisting members were personal..., Texas killed one man after a tornado a family member 's in. Fences throughout the two-day outbreak, according to poweroutage.us major tornado damage in York. Striking southern Adventist University as it hit Collegedale and Ooltewah down across 10 states, inflicting EF1 damage continued push... Line while vigorous convective development formed farther East they opened shelters during storm... 'S Deputy Robert Ainsworth and his Wife, Paula coordinate relief efforts many other South Carolina ’ s Deadly outbreak... Said more than 1 million homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed numerous homes also! ] high waters flowed through homes around Hampton and Valley Forge in County! In 1976, when the tree fell onto a home auto-parts store in this area, many along... A shape to see if a tornado emergency was issued for Collegedale and moved into! Tornado, Burns homes in this area, 2,718 properties sustained damage, there were no of... That tornado came close to striking southern Adventist University as it completely destroyed. `` concrete-block guard shack he in.