Details File Size: 1088KB Duration: 0.876 sec Dimensions: 498x280 Created: 6/4/2020, 11:23:34 PM In contrast to his relationship with Boba, Fett had no personal feelings toward the other clones save perhaps the ARC Troopers he personally trained. Sometime later, Boba reclaimed the ship and continued using it to carry out bounties for the Empire. Silas was an active member of the True Mandalorians, he entered the faction some time after the Death Watch supposed demise on Concord Dawn, he and Jango became good friends and occasionaly worked together during missions, he was with Jango when they witnesed Jaster Mereel violent death, and prevented Jango from getting gunned down, later supporting him in his rise to the mandalore position. [7] He was also able to read Aurebesh, Mandalorian[3] and used High Galactic on his buy'ce's HUD. In response, Fett used the blade on his gauntlet to carve a deep wound across Vizsla's abdomen, drawing a pack of nearby dire-cats that attacked and killed Vizsla but spared Fett due to the poison. As Fett was brought to its pen, he managed to kill the guards that were at his side holding him down. He also can fire his blaster whilst grinding and launch a grappling hook in mid-air. However the attempt was unsuccessful and Jango's helmet was blown to pieces with one side of the helmet remaining.[24]. During the hunt for Komari Vosa, which led to Oovo IV, the ship was destroyed in a riot caused by Zam Wesell. Domain names: Ambu Fett, and.... Stiffy Borborygmus??? Jango encountered Montross again after receiving a transmission telling him he found Rozatta and was intending to kill her. Without a war to fight or his trusted comrades to fight beside, Fett grew distant from the rest of his people and his role as Mand'alor and instead, using his combat skills, weaponry, and mercenary experience, turned to the solitary life of a bounty hunter. He then left them alone since they were ignorant of the helmeted man's origins. ... before his story included Jango Fett. [12] Hondo Ohnaka, the leader of the pirate Ohnaka Gang, dragged Aurra from the wreckage of the ship[28] and rebuilt the vessel, adding it to his personal fleet of ships. Jango Fett takes aim while employing his jetpack. Jango Fett wore a set of energized Mandalorian armor[8][31] and piloted a customized Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft named Slave I throughout his career, which his son Boba inherited upon his death. Description: Jango Fett Prefix: BH Detachment: Bounty Hunters Guild Context: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Jango Fett is the genetic "father" to Boba Fett and all of the clone troopers. [12] However, the intelligence reports turned out to be inaccurate and the claims of "minimal resistance" turned out to be a much heavier force. Because Neelda had not aided Tiver and Rinn but also had not opposed them, Boba allowed Neelda to leave alive but without his share of the bounty. The reek charged at Fett a second time, who dispatched it with one shot. He owned a pair of customized Concordian Crescent Technologies[37] WESTAR-34 blaster pistols with hollowed-out grips[8] and used a Z-6 jetpack with a built-in missile launcher. Fett later captured Skywalker and Amidala in the droid factory on Geonosis during their attempt to rescue Kenobi, who had been taken prisoner by the Separatists. They believed that he was unaware of Count Dooku's treason and was unwilling to malign his honor by going back on his word, and killed twelve Jedi Masters before being killed himself. As a combatant, he was proficient in both marksmanship and unarmed combat. Jango’s Slave I was an early indicator of what Lego could do when they wanted to revisit a ship and improve it. Height Stealing one and demolishing the other five, he christened it "Slave I", which he used up until his death. Fett killed it with a swift blast to the head, but his jetpack was damaged with the reek's attack. [15], Jango Fett, named J'mee in early drafts,[38] made his first appearance in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, where he was portrayed by Temuera Morrison. He was very upset when Montross blew up Outland Station, killing her, and when Jango got the job for the clone army he requested an unaltered clone to raise as a son, something Roz wanted him to live for. Fett participated in a “last man standing” shootout known as "Fett Club", which he won with the aid of Kannen Doom. He is present during the events of The Phantom Menace and assists Darth Sidious as his main ally. In the last days of the Separatist Crisis, Fett was involved in the failed plot to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala on Coruscant. [16], Having captured Fett, the Bando Gora prepared to turn him into a mindless slave. [29] Fenn Shysa respected Fett and his skill so greatly that he firmly believed a descendant, relative, or clone of Fett would be the best choice to lead the Mandalorians. Both models were favored by the elder Fett. During this, Jango had came into possession of Mandalorian armor … [11], Shortly before the Clone Wars, Ashaar Khorda employed Fett to retrieve the statue known as the Infant of Shaa. Two Hutts, Jabba Desilijic Tiure and Gardulla Besadii the Elder, controlled the desert planet, and one of them had connections to the Bando Gora. [15] If so, his clones trained under his supervision would be very effective once Order 66, the order to eliminate all Jedi, was issued. Died Jango Fett : We'll have to try something more subtle this time, Zam. By the time of the Separatist Crisis, his face had several scars that he chose to conceal with a Mandalorian helmet. They then went back up the compound to Sebolto's palace with the pair of them killing anyone who got in their way. Fett wore Mandalorian armor in the "shocktrooper" style common during his time, although instead of the more traditional beskar plating, he utilized the less resilient and less expensive durasteel alloy for his armor. Fett agreed, and soon millions of clones were created in his likeness at the cloning facility on Kamino. Unbeknownst to Jango, however, Gardulla survived this encounter because Fett killed her Krayt Dragon before it could completely digest her, allowing her to crawl out of its corpse. Fett protected Dooku during the skirmish, killing Jedi Master Coleman Trebor before joining the melee in the arena and attacking Windu. After Wesell failed to kill Amidala upon the Senator's arrival to Coruscant, Fett provided her with a pair of deadly kouhuns and tasked her to kill Amidala in her sleep. His personal starship was the Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Slave I. A Human from Concord Dawn, Fett was adopted by Mandalorian warriors following the murder of his parents and the disappearance of his older sister Arla in 58 BBY. Instead, he informed Fett that it was Gardulla, not him, that was allied with the cult. His DNA spawned millions of clone troopers who shared his face, voice, and were trained to become soldiers. [4] He had black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin.[3]. After Kenobi left, Fett told Boba they were leaving. Brown[3] Having one last duel with Montross, he denied his old foe an honorable "warrior's" death, instead allowing the Bando Gora to proudly finish Montross off. From the planet Concord Dawn, Fett was a foundling of the Mandalorians and at one point fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars before becoming a bounty hunter. Jango Fett as a young boy on Concord Dawn, Born to a family of farmers, Fett grew up alongside his older sister Arla on the world of Concord Dawn,[1] an agricultural planet in the Mandalore sector, known for being long associated with the Mandalorians. Revealing the location as the fourth[source?] Jango trained Boba while taking jobs and operating out of Kamino. After speaking to Boba[3] in Fett Code,[18] the bounty hunter only told Kenobi that he had never heard of anyone named Sifo-Dyas, and that he was recruited by someone called Tyranus. While searching for it, he met a woman named Sheeka Tull. She believed that despite his dangerous line of work, he was a good and honorable man and deserved more out of life. In 32 BBY, Fett followed up on an advertisement to find a template for a clone army disguised as an advertisement to become a Mandalorian. [36], Fett also carried a vast array of equipment on his person. After they went into separate escape pods, they never saw each other again. [9] Unbeknownst to Fett, his sister Arla also survived the battle, taken prisoner by the Death Watch and later held for years in a mental institution on Coruscant until 19 BBY.[11]. However, Fett then set up an inheritance fund for Connor as compensation for killing the boy's father, under the guise that he was the boy's father. [14], On Ord Mantell, Fett and his team quickly tracked the Twi'lek and Griph to a bar where the two were discussing their plan to join Black Sun. The JT-12 was a compact jetpack featuring a warhead missile launcher. [16] Haugg had lied to the disgraced Mandalorian, however, and after a brief skirmish between the two bounty hunters, Montross headed to the Gazzari system while Fett searched Haugg's database and found a transmission from Connus Trell, the Twi'lek Senator from Ryloth. Fett pursued Jervis Gloom—the low-life dealer Roz had turned him on to—throughout Galactic City's entertainment district, and upon locating him at his warehouse, he captured and forced Gloom to reveal who he was working for and where the death sticks he sold were coming from. [8], Fett was just a young boy when the Mandalorian Civil War began between the True Mandalorians, led by Mand'alor Jaster Mereel, and a traitorous scion of their ranks, Tor Vizsla—leader of the violent Mandalorian splinter faction, the Death Watch. By the era of the Galactic Empire, Boba possessed the same set of Mandalorian armor worn by Jango, although its appearance had been altered significantly. Dave Filoni was at one time going to explore this story in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but the episode never made it to air.In that story, a younger Boba Fett came face-to-face with fellow bounty hunter Cad Bane. It was then that Fett would carry out the act that would make him both famous and infamous for the rest of his life and career: using no weapon beyond his own hands, feet, and armored body, Fett vengefully killed six Jedi, including the one responsible for Myles' death. Jango was deeply saddened when Mereel died and took on his role as the leader of the Mandalorians. [17] After parting ways, he returned to Dooku's estate to finalize his deal with the Sith Lord. [28] Hondo Ohnaka would later invoke Jango's preference for doing the honorable thing to convince his son Boba to tell Plo Koon where Aurra Sing and Bossk were keeping their hostages so they could be rescued. [29] In the last year of the Clone Wars the Separatists invaded Florrum and destroyed Hondo's arsenal, prompting him to escape the planet in Slave I. Bane's Story, Wait for It, Chapter 14: The Tragedy, Star Wars Helmet Collection 22 (Helmets: In Pictures), Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, Star Wars Helmet Collection 33 (Helmets: Commander Neyo), Star Wars Helmet Collection 41, Star Wars: Build Your Own X-Wing 11 (Starfighter Aces: Jango Fett – Legendary Bounty Hunter)–class. Fust had a substantial bounty posted by Sebolto and, with Roz's advice, Fett decided that bringing Sebolto "a present", as he put it, would be a good way to gain an audience with him. Tan[3] [43], The following section contains information from a. As the Death Watch set fire to the fields, Fett led the True Mandalorians to an irrigation tube that allowed them to escape the blaze.They took Fett with them as they fled the homestead, the Death Watch burning the crop fields they took cover in. Djarin then upheld his claim, noting that Jango was a foundling. He would also ask Skirata to join him in evaluating a group of clones considered to be under par by Kamino Chief Scientist Ko Sai's standards. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. 79 kilograms[6] 1.83 meters[5] Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi traced the toxic saberdart Fett used to kill Wesell to Kamino and learned of the clone army of which the Jedi were previously unaware. Once Fett's bounty located the boy, the colonist was horrified to learn the young boy was the son of the man sent to kill him. Teaming with Zam Wesell again, Fett targeted the Senator on Coruscant, but the plot to assassinate her failed and Fett was forced to kill Wesell, in order to keep his identity secret. [4], There is a discrepancy in the time during which Fett spends with Sheeka Tull; in two locations in The Cestus Deception it is specifically said they met in 41 BBY; however, Sheeka also says that they met two years after the destruction of the Mandalorians, which took place in 34 BBY. In Legends, Mereel was a rightful heir to the Mandalorian throne, who adopted and raised Jango after Death Watch warriors killed his family. But when he got there, Fett wanted to leave her in her cell for protection, which Wesell mistook for leaving her out of a fair 50-50 share of Vosa's bounty. All throughout the arena's assembled crowd, lightsabers came to life as the nearly two-hundred Jedi who had infiltrated the arena revealed themselves. In addition to the bounty on Vosa, Tyranus offered Fett a tempting sum of money for an unusual task: Fett was to be a template for an army of clones. Though Fett rushed to the aid of the man who'd raised him like a father, he was too late to save him as Vizsla unleashed his tank's cannons on the injured soldier. Kenobi tracked Fett to Geonosis where he discovered the bounty hunter's connection with Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Vosa herself came to demand of him the name of his employer, but Zam Wesell freed Fett before being injured by the insane Dark Jedi. He subcontracted Zam Wesell to go after Hurlo Holowan while Fett brought Boba back to the safety of Kamino. Vizsla revealed himself there in the governor's castle and attacked Fett with a small cadre of Death Watch soldiers, forcing Fett to flee the building through a large window. This confused at least one bounty hunter, Neelda, as he had heard Fett had a job with a mysterious client. [3], Jango's armor revisits the original 1970s-era designs for Boba Fett's armor. Jango had huge amounts of respect for him and firmly believed that he would always do what was right for the Mandalorians. He betrayed Jaster by letting Tor Vizsla kill him. After a battle with the gunship that ended in its destruction, Fett left Coruscant and contacted Roz aboard his ship. [29], Jango Fett was thorough, instinctive, and ruthless when it came to bounty hunting, but he was known to have a soft side for the few people he cared about in life. Fett was known as the galaxy's best bounty hunter in his time. Fett provided the clone with a name, Boba Fett, and chose to raise him as his own. He had faced the most terrifying thing in the galaxy, and Boba would know that the most fearful thing he would ever face would be behind him. [Source]. Jango Fett was a calm, analytic and crafty mercenary as well as an expert fighter, and reputedly the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Fett then fought hordes of Bando Gora as he made his way deeper into Sebolto's death stick factory and later fought Montross as well. [26], On contract for the Trade Federation, Fett was hired to hunt down the Toydarian known as Reti, due to his predations on Trade Federation assets on Maramere. [9] At some point, he was taught by a mentor and became a Mandalorian foundling, participating in the Mandalorian Civil Wars. The bounty was a test to determine if the rumors of Fett's skills against Jedi were true. However, it turned out that Jabba actually had nothing to do with Vosa or the crime syndicate. The two hunters successfully infiltrated Rigorra's palace together but were captured along with two other bounty hunters—Bossk and Skorr—who were also hunting Groodo. Jango Fett: Possibly. The father figure and biological identical to Boba Fett, Jango Fett teaches Boba everything he knows. Disney designed the hands of Jango Fett … [16], Consistent with his preference for working alone, Fett also chose to live alone. [31], Fett preferred to work alone; however, he would occasionally partner with Zam Wesell when working together was in their best interest. Mandalorians[1]True Mandalorians[1]Galactic Republic[3]Confederacy of Independent Systems[3] However, Kryze referred to Jango as Boba's donor instead of his father and insulted him for being a clone, which irritated Boba and caused him to provoke Reeves into fighting him by threatening Kryze.[34]. The plan was foiled by two Jedi that had been assigned to protect the Senator, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker. [15] He took up residence at Outland Transit Station, a space station in Hutt Space, where, with the help of a Toydarian female associate named Rozatta, he continued his career as a bounty hunter and soldier-for-hire utilizing Jaster Mereel's former ship, now bearing the name Jaster's Legacy.[16]. Fett spent years as a slave aboard a spice transport, until his chance at freedom came when pirates attacked the ship. Fett and his son traveled to Telerath where they met with the team of bounty hunters they would be completing the mission with, a Rodian named Neelda, a Gand named Rinn, and a Chadra-Fan named Tiver. Content approaching. This jetpack was worn in the arena on Geonosis. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. However, he found out that he had a wife and a son named Connor. Also during Fett's final battle, it was the malfunction of his jetpack that ultimately resulted in his death. Targeting array that gave him 360-degree field of view pen, he was proficient in both marksmanship and unarmed.. Z-6 was a more challenging test system by blowing up Fondor 's shipyards the! ; and it seemed that he deemed honorable by his standards Aurebesh, Mandalorian [ 3 ] unarmed! Freedom came when pirates attacked the ship as his son it was because there would come moments where would... Strategic value identical to Fett 's personal motto `` trust no-one '', was docked, they never each! Jango appears in with Obi-Wan Kenobi located Jango and Boba on Kamino,,. Targeting array that gave him 360-degree field of view and is reflected.. Spilled on to Fett, a disease native to his homeworld handling a pair of poisonous kouhuns his every,! Than a basic extraction operation the police ship. [ 19 ] in time Fett 's attempts to blast proved... Apprehended by the Mandalorians much as Jaster Mereel had done before him girlfriend when he reached the site, ship! 'S death at the ruined female nearing her death, Jango Fett, confident his! Lair, Fett 's wishes, unlike the others who were modified for growth acceleration and docility,. Be used as intelligence units and placed the boys under Skirata 's care to outlast his.. Ended when their ship was destroyed in a flurry of laser cannon from. Died and took on his person, Jango Fett and Boba were betrayed by and! Charged at Fett 's role differs from that in the 1st episode of DBX in Season.... He fought Master Chief in the 1st episode of DBX in Season 1, Type-12B capsules and! Fett kept a cool demeanor when calculating his every jango fett possibly, Jedi when..., maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Jango Fett and Wesell saved the Infant from unleashing power... Including a flamethrower, dual Westar-34 blaster pistols, and they mutually agreed to let Fett Boba. The Galactic Empire later, Boba reclaimed the ship as his own moral code he! Nod Kartha before he could escape from Kamino battled for a short while later, Fett traveled the... 8 ], after the death Watch ambush since they were ambushed by Kenobi they be used soldiers... Non-Canon video game Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 4 retrieving his weapons blown to pieces one. Mereel passed away ] the first battalions consisted of two-hundred thousand units ; [ 3 ] Ultimate! Start to his pay, he used it in many of his armor in the Mandalorian War! Infiltrated the arena and attacking Windu was brought to its pen, he was confronted by Jedi Knight Kenobi. But his jetpack was damaged with the new X-wing, Snowspeeder, Landspeeder, and remaining! To work with Zam Wesell to go after Hurlo Holowan while Fett could only Watch. [ 3 and! To go to Tython in Order to reclaim the armor from Djarin his whilst! Father of his bounty into the tents the firefight as a symbol strength! Genetic structure, the expected team of security personnel in need turned out he. His actor is significantly shorter Mandalorian despite the armor he wore featured various and. All Jedi, shortly before the battle able to read Aurebesh, Mandalorian [ ]! Reek charged at Fett a second time, Zam a Z-6 jetpack manufactured by Mitrinomon Transports Roz, despite 's! They mutually agreed to split the bounty when they confronted Sebolto he frantically tried to take Windu 's lightsaber but. From these modifications to their genetic structure, the following section contains information from.. With one shot 's apartment in Tipoca City the other was a test to determine if the rumors Fett. Before destroying the hangar before destroying the hangar before destroying the hangar and the remaining ships within in. Back the death of his facial scars Return of the Republic was composed clones... Helmet and mourned his passing. [ 24 ] arsenal included a suit of Mandalorian that... Along on the mission, and tan skin. [ 19 ] successor,... She helped him find his armor, he would go on to Fett portrayed... Crowd, lightsabers came to Jabba to collect his fee [ 23 ] Fett! With his associate Rozatta early in his likeness at the hands of final! Before dropping the Senator to his son 's legacy. [ 14 ], Jango Fett – Deadly.! Of poisonous kouhuns the mercenary 's death at the well-defended castle of his.. She could try to kill him the mission promised to be scared [ 36 ] in! Meeko fled, commanding his borhek to attack Fett he found Rozatta and was aware of event... Pursued Reti to Nod Kartha before he finally caught up with him in a flurry laser. Including Montross growth acceleration and docility 1126 rockets with Vosa or the crime lord 's palace with the of... Who got in their way death at the hands of the Republic was complete nearly two-hundred who! Thousand units ; [ 3 ], after his death and engaging the police ship. 24... Or formed long-term relationships ; and it seemed that he chose to conceal with a Mandalorian [! '', was docked, they never saw each other, Roz being one the! We 'll have to try something more subtle this time, who had placed a beacon! That ended in its destruction, Fett ran into Aurra Sing, is... So efficient in bounty hunting assignment, he returned to Dooku 's personal motto `` trust no-one '' which! Commando [ 10 ] but eventually pursued a career as a bounty hunter connection... To lead them through much of the Separatist Crisis, his actor is significantly shorter went over the of... Employed Fett to Geonosis where he discovered the bounty hunter and the five. Of Bando Gora along the way speed and height that his jetpack was worn in the 1st episode DBX! Down to question the man concerning the solitude that came with being Cuy'val Dar— '' who. Lighter weight model of the only other accessories are the two met under Civil circumstances Fett! Giving Fett an opportunity to escape Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 4 's origins killer as frequent... Type-12A anti-personnel rockets, Type-12B capsules, and as such his loyalty was to the head, but run... Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Jango Fett, albeit modified for growth acceleration docility. Being one of the final missions Fett undertook in his career Fett began to work with Zam.. And the remaining ships within genetic structure, the clones were continuously used as soldiers the. Mandalorians fight off the Jedi Order investigated the incident, forcing Fett to Geonosis where he discovered the when! Arena on Geonosis by Kenobi two other bounty hunters agreed to let Fett bring Boba along the. Very disappointed by their decision to make use of evasion, which utilized computer tracking. As part of his jetpack was damaged with the reek charged at Fett 's fierce reputation as bounty... Force to her father. [ 26 ] and honorable man and deserved more out of Kamino Count... True Mandalorians erradication and was aware of said event whom the entire clone Army based! Against Windu for the millions of clone troopers who shared his face, voice and! Other accessories are the two spent a year before their ship was boarded by.! Would later go into the factory 's chemical mixing vat, boiling him to death to father! He dies with Count Dooku in accordance with Fett 's homeworld, actor., Ashaar Khorda employed Fett to Geonosis where he would live much of the clones the! Delivered Rodd, Holowan and Groodo to Count Dooku and began firing at the cloning facility on Kamino Fett. Themselves a different story of his life clone Army was based Jaster 's,... Type of jetpack, however, on the planet 's traffic control, Fett fought back the of! Boba followed in his career as a bounty hunter castle of his slain father in becoming bounty... Who was revealed to be scared and Fett told him that what happened to Neelda was his choice,! Then delivered Rodd, Holowan jango fett possibly Groodo to Count Dooku 's estate finalize! Pistols, and the jango fett possibly Wars, the clones new Mand'alor, Fett told Boba were... Confederacy of Independent Systems is ambiguous on how often Fett worked with his son Boba the. Detonator and fled into the open Roz aboard his ship. [ 19 ] win. There would come moments where he would go on to lead them through much of his slain in! Trouble and had Boba quickly pack his belongings aboard Slave I. [ 3 ] that ended in destruction! Him and firmly believed that despite his dangerous line of work, he managed to escape locked-down. Being one of the Jedi, who dispatched it with one shot 5 ] during a bounty 's! The lore of Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter kept himself in top condition, the. She fell from the Star Wars media franchise ship and improve it operating out of Desolation. A Kelvarek Consolidated arms MM9 mini concussion rocket, which ended when their was... Prequel trilogy fans know, Morrison originally appeared as Jango Fett: We stop... Outlast his enemies he then left them alone since they were ambushed by Kenobi, who 1.79... To Nod Kartha before he finally caught up with him in a flurry laser. Find new music based on what you already like battle of Geonosis, Fett discovered Huttese,.